The public works department maintains a fleet of nine vehicles including a trash truck, a bucket truck, a leaf truck, and  two dump trucks.  The public works department also operates and maintains several utility vehicles including  two tractors, a backhoe, and a leaf vacuum truck.

Stormwater Maintenance and Repair
The public works department is charged with cleaning and repairing storm drainage systems throughout the Town of Cramerton.

Storm Debris Removal
In addition to regularly picking up curbside yard waste, the Public Works department cuts and removes fallen trees, branches, and limbs as a result of storm damage from any town maintained streets.

Yard Waste Pickup
The Public Works department crew collects discarded household items and yard waste on a weekly basis.  You should place these items at curbside for pickup by 7:00 a.m. on Mondays.  Please do not place these items in the street, on vacant lots, or on right of ways.  Household discards and yard waste need to be left at curbside in separate piles.  A 32 gallon trash can or a 4' x 4' tarp should be used for  hedge clippings (not limbs).

The Public Works Department crews will not pick up any materials or yard waste that is a result from work performed by contractors.

List of items the Town will pick up:

  • Tree limbs must be five (5 ) feet long or less and less than six (6) inches in diameter, placed parallel to the road in a 5'x5'x5' pile with no more than two (2) piles per week per household.  
  • The Public Works Department crew collects discarded household items and yard waste weekly.  Brush and bulk items will be picked up during the normal curbside pickup route beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Mondays.  Any wooden  construction debris from do-it-yourself projects for bulk item pickup cannot be greater than eight (8) foot in length.  Cross ties cannot be longer than four (4) feet.  Please contact Town Hall if you have any questions regarding bulk item or yard waste pickups that may have been missed.
  • Bag all grass clippings, pampas grass, and small limbs. Do not place on the sidewalk or in the street as this blocks the storm drains.
  • Household appliances (except air conditioners).
The Town crew will not transport dirt, rocks, bricks, shingles or concrete.  They will not pick up motor oils, anti-freeze, paint, or hazardous wastes.  They will not pick up air conditioners, tires, lawnmowers or propane canisters. Call Gaston County Solid Waste at 704-922-0267 for more information for disposal of this type of waste.

Use of Public Fleet
The Town has trucks available on a first come first serve basis.  If you have a do-it-yourself home project and need debris hauled away, come by Town Hall and complete a Truck Release form.  You may also download a copy of the Truck Release Form in our Document Center.  You cannot place appliances on the truck or mix bulk items and brush. There is no charge for the first use of the town truck per year per household.  There is an $80 charge for bulk item and $40 for brush truck  for the second usage.  Each household will be allowed only two (2) trucks per year.   Please note trucks cannot be used for any contracted work.     

Garbage and Recycling (Waste Management)
Garbage is picked up on the following days:
Wednesday: Lineberger Place, Tomshir Estates, Stuarts Landing, Villages at Cramerton Mills, and Newport Landing area
Thursday:  Cramerton Village, Lakewood, Village at South Fork, Courtyards at Cramerton, and Timberlake area
Friday:  Old Course, Cramer Mountain, Riverside, Baltimore, Old Town, New Town, and Town Center area

Recycling is picked up every other week:

2020/2021 Recycling Calendar
Cramerton recycle Calendar 7-20 thru 6-21

Acceptable recycling include:
  • Flattened cardboard (no larger than 2 x 2 squares), Magazines,
  • Office/Copy Paper, Brown Paper Bags, Newspaper, Paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.),
  • Paper dairy and juice containers, Junk Mail, Phone Books,
  • Plastic Bottles (#1 – #7), Glass Bottles and jars, Aluminum cans, foil and baking tins, tin or steel cans.
The Town of Cramerton, through our contract with Waste Management, provides one garbage and one recycling receptacle per household.   Additional receptacles must be contracted through Waste Management at 800-273-0438. If you have a damaged receptacle, please contact Town Hall at 704-824-4337.

Leaf Collection
The Town crew operates a leaf vacuum machine during the months of  October through February.  Leaves must be raked parallel to the curb, but not into the street or over storm drains.  From March to September, leaves must be bagged, or put in a 32 gallon can, or placed on a 4'x4'  tarp and placed at the curb for collection.  Crews generally operate on Thursdays and Fridays for leaf pickup depending on the weather.  Blocking of storm drains is a violation of the town's ordinance.

The Town maintains 15.91 miles of streets and 5.6 miles of sidewalks.  All potholes on state roads are repaired  by the State of North Carolina Division of Transportation (NCDOT) and can be reported to 704-922-3777.